Strategic Partners

At HB, our consumers, employees, and strategic relationships are the heart of our business. Each relationship is established with trust and commitment. For our strategic relationships, we are established to provide a gateway to introduce your products and help grow your brands. 










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  • Total Beverage Solution has created a sustainable growth-oriented strategy for Heritage Beverage, and a supportive culture which positions our portfolio of products to reach its full potential.

  • TBS provides a wide range of solutions in marketing, logistics, and sales services of beer, wine, cider, and spirits.

  • TBS maintains a diverse portfolio of products from 16 countries and is licensed to distribute with partners and retailers throughout the United States. 

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Please click here                            Saigon Beer 

Available through Total Beverage Solution in all regions of the United States and Canada. 


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  • A company with multi-disciplinary production, post-production, VFX & audio facilities that create content in traditional & non-traditional mediums, housing 100+ people under 1 space. 

  • Portfolio including Film, Music, TVCs, MVs, Online videos, Virtual, and Live events.

  • State-of-the-art Virtual Studios are equipped with fully-owned facilities & tech to operate real-time environments for Virtual Reality, Extended Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality.