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Heritage Beverage Co

SSC International, Inc.

SSC has created a sustainable growth-oriented strategy for Heritage Beverage, and a supportive culture which positions our portfolio of products to reach its full potential.

SSC is the exclusive US importer of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation's flagship beer brand, Taiwan Beer, Taiwan's most popular beer brand. We also developed and grown our own brands - Liang, Tang and Hong Biau - to become recognizable staples in Asian homes, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Image by Kelsey Knight
Image by Sam McGhee
Heritage Beverage Co


A company with multi-disciplinary production, post-production, VFX & audio facilities that create content in traditional & non-traditional mediums, housing 100+ people under 1 space. 

Portfolio including Film, Music, TVCs, MVs, Online videos, Virtual, and Live events.

State-of-the-art Virtual Studios are equipped with fully-owned facilities & tech to operate real-time environments for Virtual Reality, Extended Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality. 

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