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Connecting Markets: Global & Regional Presence

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United States Importer

of premium Asian F&B products

As a premier importer of premium Asian food and beverage products in the United States, we at Heritage Beverage take pride in connecting American consumers with the finest culinary offerings from Asia. Our selection process focuses on quality, authenticity, and flavor, ensuring only the best products make their way to your tables. We're committed to bridging cultures through taste, bringing a world of exquisite flavors to your doorstep.

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Vietnam Importer

of premium US F&B products

As the trusted importer of premium U.S. food and beverage products in Vietnam, Heritage Beverage stands at the forefront of culinary exchange. We meticulously select high-quality, authentic American products, ensuring they resonate with the tastes and preferences of Vietnamese consumers. Our commitment lies in enriching Vietnam's diverse food scene with the best that the U.S. has to offer.

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Sales & Distribution

of products in the United States & Canada

Our expertise in sales and distribution extends across the United States and Canada, ensuring a wide reach for our premium products. We combine strategic market insights with robust distribution networks to place our offerings in diverse retail and culinary spaces. Our team is dedicated to maximizing visibility and accessibility, bringing the unique flavors of our products to a broad North American audience.

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Financing & Investment

from US and Vietnamese investors including Saigon Asset Management (SAM)

We collaborate with esteemed investors from the US and Vietnam, including key partnerships with entities like Saigon Asset Management (SAM), to fund and foster our growth initiatives. These strategic investments empower us to expand our product offerings and distribution networks, ensuring sustainable business development and market innovation

Our Strategic Partners

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