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The #1 Seasonings & Spices Brand in Vietnam

We believe that quality spices will make meals tastier and people feel happier. Dh Foods' spices are also a specialty of the region in Vietnam. Consistent with the criteria "No synthetic coloring, No artificial preservatives, No impurities”. Dh Foods is a safety and quality first choice for consumers

No Preseratives

Preservatives are called under the name "silently killers". Therefore, in addition to providing the safe products that do not contain this substance we also make effort to propaganda to consumers the importance of carefully reviewing the ingredients before purchasing any product in oder to select those safe product

Image by Calum Lewis
Image by Tamanna Rumee
No Artificial Colors

We are deely aware of the harmful effects of artificial on community health. Therefore, Dh Foods makes effort to bring the products that retain the natural color and flavor of all ingredients.

No Foreign Matter

Unlike pepper or chili powder which contain som foreign matter to gain more profit on the market, all Dh Foods products are absolutely pure 100%. Peppercorn are carefully selected, cleaned, dried then packaged to ensure that the product you are holding is the most natural.

Image by Anas Alhajj
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